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Where to get the beads?

You may be a beginner at beading and thinking on where to source for the beads you desire.

There are a lot of places where you can get beads and beading tools and materials. You can look at local art & craft stores, arts web sites such as , Internet auctions such as eBay or Yahoo!.

If you are looking for Swarovski crystal beads, do exercise some discretion. There are many channels whereby you can get the beads from but do remember to check that the merchants are authorized dealers. They would normally have a certificate from Swarovski as authorized dealers.

From the Internet, do look at the profile of the merchants before buying. Some may not be selling genuine crystal beads though they may put the Swarovski logo on it. Same goes to semi precious beads and stones.

I'm not implying that there are a great deal of fake beads on the Internet but this serves as a word of caution. I buy a lot of beads online too but usually I go to those trusted merchants.

This may happen at stores too and so look for reliable merchants or sites to buy your supplies from.

If you are a first timer, it might be advisable to buy some of your materials from the local stores first. Be familiar with what you are using.

I do agree that bargains are normally prevalent at Internet sites. Do get familiar with the types of beads you are buying and you will find yourself getting great discounts by purchasing over the Internet.

There are some local stores which offer membership and discounts. Do check out these stores for great bargains too!

Good luck and happy sourcing for beading supplies for your jewelry making.


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