Beads Basic - Introduction to Beading



If you are a newbie in beading, sometimes you might find yourself at a loss of what designs you should do and what are the color combinations that you mix and match to create that unique jewelry piece. You might want to find some shortcuts and tips to help you focus in completing the masterpiece of yours.


Tip #1 Color combination ideas

You can flip fashion magazines to get a glimpse of the latest trends and what are the colors that are in the season. However another alternative which you can look is at food magazines. Why is this so? The food or gourmet magazines also try to make the food or cuisines they feature in their magazines to be appealing and attractive to the public. What you are looking for is the color combinations the photographers used in the photo shooting and thus this would give you an idea on what sort of color combination is soothing ang eye catching.

Another alternative is to go to any fabric or craft stores to look at the textile they have in the shop. Browse through the selection and see which fabric catches your eye. It might be the right color combinations which you are looking for.

BEADSTip #2 Don't know what sort of jewelry to make? Look at the celebrities!

Sometimes you might also get some of your creative juices from movies or commercials. You might like a particular design and wish to modify the design to suit your style or to make it more appealing to your customers.

You can look at celebrities and spot the fashion trends. The accessories they wear might just set the trend.

Tip #3 Making cheap and useful tools

Beading can be quite an expensive hobby and thus if you can find ways to save some good money, why not? For example, you can actually do a makeshift scoop to scoop up the loose excess beads. One way is to use shells, which is already in a perfect scoop shape. Or else, you could fold a piece of hard cardboard into three portions to make it like a scoop!

Tip #4 How to make that tiny hole bigger?

Depending on the types of beads or materials you use, sometimes you might find the bead hole to be too small for the beading thread to go through, especially when you are reinforcing the jewelry piece.

Prior to stringing the beads, you can use one end of  the round nose plier to put into the hole to make it bigger. However do beware that this method is not for delicate beads like crystal beads or shells as it would break the beads into halves or pieces.

If not, you can find useful enlargement tools at the craft shops, or alternatively, unbend one end of the paperclip and use that end to enlarge the bead hole.

Tip #5 Designing your beading workspace

You can make inexpensive beading surface by using soft felt or foam material. Measure and cut a piece of felt material or foam into your desired area. This not only acts as a cushion for the beads but also prevent the beads from rolling around.

A good beading workspace helps you to be organized and prevent the beads and findings from rolling about.

Tip #6 Use your wooden toolbox to store the beading kits & beads

If you have some unused wooden toolbox, you can actually turned it into a beading compartment. Put your pliers and beading tools inside for easy access. And if you put everything in one place, you know that you will not be spending your time hunting for a particular item all the time!

Tip #7 Use your old test tubes as beads storage

In school, we would attend chemistry lessons and would certainly get some old test tubes which we use and store it somewhere in the house. What you can do is to clean the test tubes properly so that no chemical residue is left and use it as a beads storage container. What you might need to invest is some corks which acts as a stopper or to stuff some crumpled paper so that the beads would not spill if it lies down.

Tip #8 Use that paper measuring tape

Sometimes, when you patronise the home marts or furniture malls, they might supply you with a paper measuring tape for you to measure your required length for your furniture. After this, you can recycle this measuring tape. Stick them on the edge of your work space and when you need to measure how long your jewelry piece needs to be, the rule is there. You do not have to use a 30cm rule to try to measure. It saves space!

Tip #9 Proper Lighting

This is actually quite important as if you like to bead at night, you might be straining your eyes. Sometimes you might even need to find a magnifier if you are working with seed beads. Having good lighting is essential, not only to protect your eyes but also to prevent mistakes. For example, you might be doing a design but because of a miss, you found that the finished work has flaws in it.

 You might want to consider investing in a good lighting source so that you can enjoy your beading at ease.


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