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Tips for Everyone

I'm compiling the tips which I've come across while reading some magazines, articles and books. Hope this will help to ease the frustrations in beading.

There are some basic rules in beading which you would find them helpful.

Tip #1 Be organized

Organize your beading materials. This looks like one simple task to accomplish but it is always the hardest.

You can buy some cabinets and label them. Why do I say label? As your collection of beading items grows, you may find it harder to look for the jump rings or spacers. Instead of rampaging the work desk for them, why not organize and put them in a designated place.

Organize your beads, so that you don't mix them up. Label them and try to contain the same type of beads in the same place so that you know exactly how much stock is left.

Tip #2 Doing a long dangling necklace

Sometimes, it may be cumbersome to do long necklaces as you have to juggle between your tools and the necklace to check for balance. One quick way is to hang the necklace on a necklace display so that your hands are free.  You can then judge the balance of the necklace better and you minimize having to put down the tools and checking the necklace frequently to ensure that it is balanced on both sides.

amethyst necklace

Tip #3 Avoiding the materials from rolling away

One good way to avoid the materials and beads from rolling around is to use a bead mat or bead tray. However if you do not have either of the mentioned, you could do a makeshift one. Use a paper plate or plastic plat. Add a piece of Velcro / felt on the plate, the sides of the plates act as a stopper to prevent the beads from rolling away and the Velcro / felt provides friction to hold the beads and the materials.

Tip #4 I need lots of ear ring wires, what can I do?

There is a machine which makes tons of ear ring wires / hooks for you based on the colors you want.

Tip #5 Cleaning the tarnish spacers

Sometimes it is a challenge to clean the tarnished tiny spacers or jump rings. You might find it hard to clean due to their size and they most probably would drop into the sliver polishing liquid bottle way before you clean them. One way to clean them is to put them in a round, covered spoon and dip them into the liquid.

Alternatively put them on the polishing cloth in the beading tray and clean them. This would prevent them from rolling about.




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