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All about Swarovski® Crystal Beads

Swarovski® crystal beads are widely used in the jewelry making due to their luster and sparkle. It is common to spot beautiful crafted jewelry pieces in jewelry stores or online portals.

Swarovski® crystal beads are cut lead crystals that are cut with great precision through an innovative patented technology by Swarovski® A.G. The high lead content in the crystal beads accounts for the sparkle in the crystal bead due to better light refraction. With high quality controls imposed by Swarovski®, you can rest assure that the crystal beads which you have bought are value for money.

What's more, Swarovski® has engaged extensively in research and the creation of new shades and colors for each season.

With the hype in Swarovski® crystal beads, it is no doubt that there might be cheaper imitations in the market. As a informed consumer, it is important to know how to differentiate the real and fake product.



Basic features of Swarovski® crystals beads

  • Color is consistent throughout the whole crystal bead
  • High degree of clarity under magnifier
  • Precise cuts and facets



Swarovski® crystal beads are usually sold by authorized dealers who have the certificate of authenticity issued by the respective Swarovski®  offices around the world. However there are also small retailers who sell them over internet auction portals. The crystal beads are usually sold in gross (or 144 pieces) by the wholesalers. Depending on the region you are in, you might find different shades and designs available.

Tips to differentiate the real & the fake

Check for the facets

Swarovski® crystal beads are cut to high precision which makes the facets uniform regardless of the size or shades of the crystal beads. Fake ones are usually dull in nature due to the low lead contain and are usually lighter.


Due to the high lead content, Swarovski® crystal beads are heavier but brittle. Fake crystal beads are lighter. Do handle Swarovski® crystal beads with care as for certain models such as the teardrop or heart, you could easily break it if you do not exercise care in dealing with it.

Once you have established a credible source of Swarovski® crystal beads, do continue to buy from the same source to avoid getting fake stuff.

Color consistency

Swarovski® crystal beads are of a high color consistency for the shades throughout its collection. The consistency level is 99.8%. Furthermore Swarovski® is famed for creating special effects on crystal beads such as Aurora Boreale (AB). This AB coating is coated on half the bead and create a prism light effect. Due to the metallic nature, the crystal might seem to be in the yellow tone and different colors are created. Other coatings include Aurum, Satin, Dorado and Volcano.

Popular Models

Though Swarovski® carry quite a wide range of models for crystal beads, the more common ones are the bicone or 5301. You could also use the beads on your dress to add on to the sophistication. These beads are popular especially for wedding dresses or the accessories.

Other popular models include the round or the 5000 series. Swarovski® has always try to introduce new colors to its collection. Try beading with the crystals today!

See here for the colour shades!


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