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Square Stitch Beading for Beginners

By Mandy Buchanan 



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Beading is becoming a very popular pastime for many people around the globe but why stick to simply stringing beads when you can have so much more? Square stitch beading allows for a lot greater variety in your beadwork and instead of simple creating a string of beads for necklaces, bracelets or earrings, you can now create your own beaded fabrics. In this article we discuss how you can learn square stitch beading and some ideas of what you can make with this beading technique.

Basic Instructions for Square Stitch Beading

These instructions may sound complicated but I encourage you to slowly do square stitch beading as you read through these instructions and you will discover that it is not nearly as complicated as it may sound.

Personally I prefer seed beads for square stitch beading. It can be done with other beads if you prefer but you may not get the same effect. So take a couple of seed beads and a beaded needle and you are ready to begin.

Now take your threaded needle through your first bead and around once more and knot it. This bead will act as a stop bead for your project. Now take as many beads as you want to make your first row and thread them next to your first bead.

Once you have your first row it is time to turn around and do the second row of square stitch beading. Thread the first bead of the second row next to the last bead of the first row and take the thread back through the last bead of the first row and back through the first bead of the second row. When you add the second bead of the second row you will then take the needle again through the second to last stitch of the first row, or as I prefer to do, take it through the last two beads of the first row if you are making a flat shape for a firmer hold. Continue working like this, each time threading the needle through the bead you are working on as well as the one lying next to it on the previous row.

In order to end my square stitch beading on a flat piece I also take the thread through two beads on the last two rows twice and then once through one bead on each row. This helps to give a firm hold.

Square stitch beading is not just for squares

In the basic instructions of square stitch beading above we were mainly dealing with squares; however the same technique can be used to create a wide variety of shapes by decreasing or increasing the number of beads at different places. Basically any pattern that can be created on a beading loom can be created with square stitch beading.

Some basic ideas to get your square stitch beading started

The first item you could create to practice square stitch beading is a coaster for your cups. This is a great starting project because it is just a plain square and you do not need to worry about any increasing or decreasing but can just work on the basic stitch.

Another project you may want to try as a beginner’s project in square stitch beading is a beaded bead. Make a small square or rectangle with square stitch beading and then when you finish it (about five rows or a little more) stitch together the beads from the first and last row to form a cylindrical bead.

You can also use square stitch beading for various other projects and there are plenty of ideas online and in books to keep you busy for many enjoyable hours. Once you get used to working with this technique start creating your own patterns and ideas for even more variety.

In conclusion, square stitch beading is a great new technique to learn as a beginner in beading. This technique allows you to make a wide variety of patterns as well as objects such as coasters, bookmarks, beaded beads and much more. Virtually any pattern you can create with a beading loom you can create using square stitch. Let your imagination go and come up with some great square stitch beading ideas.


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