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Right Angle Weave
Right angle weaving is one of the most versatile stitches among beadweaving techniques. It is a very good stitch for covering odd shapes. It is worked with groups of 4 beads that link together to form a chain effect. The thread travels a designated path and round and round in opposite circles to create the texture and flexibility in the beadwork. If the thread is not followed through properly, the beadwork would be rigid.
1. To start the first row, sting 4 beads and tie the thread into a snug circle. Pass the needle through the first 3 beads again. (Maintain a firm tension to form the distinctive cross shape.)
2. Pick up 3 more beads(#5, 6, and 7) and sew back through the last bead of the previous circle and beads #5 and 6.
3. Pick up 3 more beads and sew back through #6 and the first 2 new beads. Continue adding 3 beads for each stitch until the first row is the desired length. You are sewing circles in a figure-eight pattern and alternating the direction with each stitch.
4. To begin row 2, sew through the last 3 beads of the last stitch on row 1, exiting the bead at the edge of one long side.
5. Pick up 3 beads and sew back through the bead you exited in figure 4 (the first "top" bead of row 1) and the first new bead.
6. Pick up 2 beads and sew back through the next top bead of the previous row and the last bead of the previous stitch.
Keep the thread moving in a figure-eight pattern. Pick up 2 beads for the remaining stitches on the row. Don't sew straight between stitches.


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