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Taking good shots of your finished beaded jewelry


How can you take great pictures of your finished  beaded jewelry masterpieces?




You have finished a beautiful beaded jewelry and is thrilled to show it to everyone. What is the fastest way to do that? You can take a picture of your masterpiece and put it on your website.


So how are you going to take the picture so that it is exactly what the real thing is. You want to achieve the effect of what you see is what you get. You whip out your handy digital camera and try to take a picture. When you go to the play mode, you are disappointed. The picture is too dark or there is a shadow below. How can you ensure that the picture you have taken is of real true color.


It is difficult to answer this question. Even a professional needs years to master the skill to take good pictures of jewelry. What are some areas which are potential problems? Here are some:amethyst swarovski earrings


-          Photo is blur


You might be using the wrong mode. Usually you need to switch to the macro mode to take good close up pictures. This is especially true if you are photographing beaded jewelry and intricate details should be present.


-          Shadow


There are many reasons on why there is a shadow. One might be the wrong positioning of the light source or the use of one light. Try to use different light or use a light diffuser. Use of a light diffuser softens the shadows and provides the glow in your jewelry.


-          Too bright


This happens when you shine the light source directly over your jewelry piece. If you are photographing a piece of crystal bead jewelry, do take note that crystal beads reflect light. Thus it is not advisable to shine it direct and you would see that there is over exposure in many areas.


-          Background




What sort of background should you use? Should you use a piece of white paper? You have to determine the main focus of the photograph. The jewelry should be the lead item and thus having a fancy background could distract your audience. Use a neutral color like grey or material that do not cause shadow.


-          Equipment


angel swarovski crystal beadsWhat equipment should you invest in taking a good photograph? You do not need to buy a whole photo studio to do that. The most important and basic thing is the tripod. In order to take a steady shot and to minimize blurring, it is advisable to take the photo on a tripod.

Adjust the height and focus so that you are targeting at the beaded jewelry.








-          Software


You might not be a professional but you certainly can add some finishing or sharpening finishes to your photographs. Software such as Adobe Photoshop can help you achieve a desired picture.

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