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Other Beading Pliers


Other than the usual round nose, flat nose pliers, there are also other pliers which you can consider using for your beading projects.

Blunt-Nosed Pliers

This type of pliers do not taper at their ends and are especially useful when attaching leather crimps or spring ends. It will not cause 'marks' on the leather crimps.

Crimping Pliers

Good when you need to finish necklaces or bracelets with French crimps.

Spilt Ring Pliers

As the name entails, this type of pliers are especially good when you are handling spilt rings.

Other tools:


Can be used to undo mistakes in knots or to move knots.

Cup Bur

Used to smooth the ends of the wire. If you are making your own ear wires, you would find this tool an asset.

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