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Organising your beading materials

It is important to organise your beading materials, tool and supplies properly right from the start. Being organised will help to reduce on frustrations which you might get from rampaging through your room to find the findings or things you need.

Do you have the experience whereby you know that you have the materials but don't know where you have kept it? I too have this too. It is particularly irritating as I used to need hours to recall and find them.

Practice some good housekeeping would help to minimise this:

  • Know where you put you stuff.

Have a designated place for you to keep all beading related items.

  • Keep your beads in beading containers

beading container

This one shown above is made of acrylic. i personally feel this is good as you can see through your beads and can easily identify them. It is available in plastic too and in different sizes.

beading case

This is another type which you can consider. There are many small compartments and you can keep your findings and beads together. As it is clear, you can find the findings or beads easily. You may want to have a separate one for beads and one for findings.


However one thing to note is that it is better to get containers which you can "locked". This will prevent unnecessary spillage if you drop them accidentally.

Also do get case, especially the second one shown which are properly segregated. You could find cheap one but the beads can roll over each compartment easily. Then  you would have a hard time to segregate them and it defeats the purpose of having the case.

  • Tool Bag

You can keep your pliers neatly in a tool bag shown below.

plier toolbag

As your number of pliers grow, you can keep them together as usually there are extra straps to hold them. This will give the ease of bringing them around and giving them the cushion.

All of the above would help to reduce unnecessary wastage. I used to have duplicates of similar findings when I didn't organise them!!!

So do take some time and think of how you can organise them. Do that in the same manner as per your completed beading projects.


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