Beads Basic - Introduction to Beading



Beading Products

Beading Wire / Threads


Perm Colored Copper Wire Variety 24 20 Gg 18/Pk

Whether you're making a frame, a necklace or napkin holder, make a gem of a project with these jewel-toned copper wires. Each pack comes with a variety of brilliant colors that stay put even when the wire is bent.


Colored Wire Buy The Dozen Assortment - 26 Gauge


Beading Tools


Beadalon Knotter Tool

Achieve consistent knots. Work well with pearls / crystals with silk / polyester threads


Beadalon Books-Basics Of Bead Stringing

The basics of bead stringing, by debby kanan. this revised and updated soft cover book discusses tools, bead selection, stringing materials, hand knotting a necklace and helpful tips.

Beading Scoops-2/Pkg

Used to scoop up loose beads and gemstones. A must-have tool when working with seed beads.

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