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Metals Used in Findings & Beads

Having a basic knowledge in the types of metals used in findings and beads is important.  Some people are allergic to certain metals and thus when you make the beads, it is better to know what the contents in the findings you are using are.

Some people are allergic to certain metals and can develop strong reactions.


So if you are familiar about the types of metal used findings & beads, it would be easier to advise yourself or your customers on suitable pairs of earrings which would suit them.


Note: Not all findings will remain the same after wear for some time. Do allow for some wear and tear!


Some metals used in Findings and beads are:



A hard slivery white metal with high reflectance.

Commonly available at beads merchants and relatively inexpensive as compared to sterling sliver.

Some people are allergic to it.



A slivery white metal.

Commonly available at beads merchants.

Many people are allergic to nickel. So do take extra care!



Zinc and copper Alloy and has a yellow color that is quite close to gold.

Though relatively resistant to tarnishing, it will still tarnish to a brownish color.



Bright shiny metal which will oxidize to a dull color like sliver.

Metal alloy of majority tin, with copper and sometimes lead.



Grey color metal.

Hypoallergenic – this is great as earrings findings.


Surgical Steel

Alloy which is a combination of chromium, molybdenum, and sometimes nickel.

Great as germs do not stick easily.

Do note that some surgical steel contains nickel, which many people are allergic to.



Reddish-color metal.

Can develop patina over time which might turn skin green.


Sterling Sliver

92.5% and normally there is a stamp stating this on the findings and beads but is optional.

Will tarnish over time.


Gold Plated

It might be white gold plated or yellow gold plated.

Do note that the layer will wear off with time.


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