Beads Basic - Introduction to Beading



Know the pliers used in beading

Knowing the materials, types of beads & beading techniques prior to your beading projects is essential as it would greatly reduce the time needed to complete the project.


You would need to get the materials ready beforehand to enjoy a smooth ride to finding your masterpiece.

You might be able to get cheap pliers from the local stores but it is alway good to find reasonably priced pairs as cheap ones are not easy to use and might damage your jewelry pieces. Moreover, they are easily prone to rust.

For Novices:

Below are some tools which you would encounter in your initial projects:

Basic tools - Pliers:

Pliers are the most commonly used tools in beading projects especially those who requires work with wires.

Knowing the correct plier to use is important as it would greatly enhance the efficiency of your project and the creation of a great masterpiece.

plierHaving a good set of basic pliers is essential if you are considering beading as a long term hobby. In short, do buy pliers that are made of stainless steel material so that it would not rust!!! You would not want to use rusty pliers when making jeweler pieces as it is not hygienic and the rust would also taints and spoil your materials.

Also getting good ergonomics pliers are important too so that you can avoid hurting your hand in the repetitive work.