Beads Basic - Introduction to Beading




Choosing the right beads


With so many different beads available for you to make the unique and beautiful jewelry piece, how are you going to decide which beads work best for you?



Here are some tips to help you:


-         Budget

Depending on your budget, choose beads that are within your range. Though most beaders would like to work with diamonds, rubies or emerald beads, if money poses a constraint for you, then choose the materials wisely to achieve the result within your means.


-        Style

      What  style you prefer is actually your personal preference. See how you want to create a piece which symbolizes you, your lifestyle and your personality.


-         Weight & material

This is one of the important considerations when choosing your beads. It is also an area where most people neglect. If the beads are too heavy, it may make the user feel uncomfortable to wear.


The texture and the materials also play a part. A coarse seashell might not be the best material to use since it might cut into your skin.


-         Color

This forms the important part in jewelry making. A good mix of color can make the jewelry piece looks outstanding.


Look at the latest color trends or browse through magazines to see what color combinations works. But beware, excessive use of colors might bring the opposite effect.


Sometime basic is the best, use one or two color tone to help create your piece.


-         Size and shape

This defines the overall design of the jewelry piece. Use the varying sizes and shapes of the beads to create the effect you carve for.



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