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Chain / Flat Nose Plier


 flat nose plier  


It is important to know the uses of the types of pliers used in beading.

For the chain / flat nose plier, it is normally used in wire beads and to make loops which could then be used in beading projects for earrings, bracelets or necklace.

Another use is in combination with the round nose, which is to open up the ends of a jump ring properly.

Chain / flat nose has smooth interior surfaces and tips taper to enable you to get into small spaces.

You could also use this tool to grip and clamp the stopper flat to finish off the beading projects, usually used in necklaces or bracelets.

Caution: Please do not get this mixed up with the usual flat nose plier used in the toolbox at home. The tips are broader and the interior are usually jagged to enable grip.

How to make a round loop using a flat nose plier

  1. Put in the bead into either a T-pin or a head-pin.
  2. Use the flat nose plier to make a 90 degrees bend on top of the bead.
  3. Cut away excess, leaving approximate 1cm of wire left.
  4. Use the round nose plier and work on the ends and turn it to make a round loop.


Find a neat pair which the insides are smooth.



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