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Beading Healthily Part 2 – Care for your eyes - Lighting & eye health



Beading is not considered to be a physically strenuous activity. What it entails is countless hours of sitting and looking at tiny holes in the beads to string them up.


Beading can be mentally taxing and strenuous to the eyes as you might find yourself spending hours doing a particular complex beading project.


As any other activity which could cause eye strain, do get a vision break every 25 - 35 minutes to look far apart. This is the same as doing computer related work. In order to preserve good eyesight, you would need to put efforts in take vision breaks. Sometime you might find yourself really engrossed into doing the piece of jewelry that you forgot to take care of yourself.


Also, do try to avoid doing beading work in dim places. It is recommended that you have a work light on while doing beading to minimize the strain on your eyes. This is especially important if you do work at night.




Lighting is very important as you might sometimes find difficulty in differentiating the colors of the beads or you might need the extra light to see the tiny holes in the beads. Having sufficient light to illuminate tour work area is important to avoid unnecessary strain on the eyes. Having a magnifier attached would help to make your beading tasks simpler as you can see clearly on where you are going and thus avoiding eye strains.


When choosing a good lamp, choose one that is flexible, has magnifer (optional), natural daylight and minimal eye glare.


You could get real good lamps  from the OTT-Lite which are recommneded by numerous beaders and magazianes. They have lamps such as OTT-LITE® TrueColor(TM) Plus Value Set - Includes Magnifier, which are specially customized for beading. 


See below for some reccommended lamps that helps to reduce eye strains:





OTT-Lite® TrueColor (TM) 13W Flexible Craft/ Table Lamp

Portable and versatile.


OTT-Lite® TrueColor (TM) Plus Value Set - Includes Magnifier

Flexible arm and comes with magnifier for you to see your beads better!


OTT-LITE® TrueColor (TM) Lexington Desk/Bedside Lamp - Mocha Pearl

Small and portable with shade to allow you to shine the light in the place you want!


OTT-LITE® TrueColor(TM) Lexington Floor Lamp Brushed Nickel

If you want a floor lamp, this might be something worth considering.


OTT-LITE® TrueColor(TM) Portable Magnifier Lamp

Portable and has a unique 2x magnifier which allows you to see your project's tiniest details with startling clarity.


After one long day of beading, do pamper your eyes to some massage. You can put an eye mask over it to improve blood circulation. If not, you could also take some health supplements that are good for the eyes.

Remember, do take care of your eyes as they are important!



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