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beaded braceletHow can you make a nice bracelet which is a combination of your ideas and colors? Here are some projects for you as reference.

 If you want to get the materials use, why not Get crafty with ?




Project A - Green Swarovski Butterfly Bracelet

green swarovski butterfly bracelet 

Materials needed:

6 pcs Swarovski 6mm 5754 butterfly crystal beads in peridot (or in your favorite color)

6 pcs 3mm Swarovski 5301 bicones crystal beads in chrysolite (or in your favorite color)

T pins

Metal chain

Lobster hooks 

Jump rings


  1. String 1 bead  and a butterfly bead into the T pin, cut off the excess, then using the round plier, do a loop.
  2. Repeat this 7 times.
  3. Join one side together, by connecting them through the loops of the metal chain.
  4. Using jump rings, connect the lobster hook to the metal chain.

You can use other beads, such as Czech glass beads to do up similar designs.


Project B - Pink Swarovski Beaded Bracelet

swarovski beaded bracelet 

This is one example of a right hand weave bracelet.

Materials needed:

Lots of Swarovski 4mm bicone crystal beads in rosaline (or in your favorite color) - dependent on the length of your bracelet

Nylon fishing thread

4 hole Metal connector



  1. Cut a nylon thread around 60cm in length. Fold into two and insert one end around the connector.
  2. Put a stopper into both ends of the thread. Clamp it flat using a flat nose plier.
  3. Rthis for the other hole of the connector.
  4. Begin the weave by stringing one bead into each end of the thread. See right hand weave.
  5. Repeat the weave to your desired length. The length of this bracelet is 15cm and each section contains 11 beads. Yolu might need approx. 1 gross of 4mm Swarovski crystal beads to complete the project.
  6. At the finished end, string one stopper into the thread and then into one of the hole of the metal connector and then back into the stopper again. Clamp the stopper flat with a flat nose plier.
  7. String the excess thread into the beads using the right hand weave method for approximate 3 cm in section before cutting off the excess with a scissors or a wire cutter.
  8. You can use other beads, such as Czech round glass beads or Swarovski round crystal beads to do up similar designs.



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