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Beginner Startup Plan - What to get for beading

You are new to beading and is excited to go to the store to get your first beading tools to start your jewelry making project.

You pondered and try to come up with a checklist on what to get. You look through magazines, books and Internet to search for ideas. Clueless, you step into the store to ask the sales person for help.

So what exactly do you want to get?

These are some preliminary questions you would need to ask yourself before you can come up with the checklist.

  1. What sort of beading am I interested in? Wire beading? looming? Weaving?
  2. Am I interested in a lot of various kinds of beading?
  3. What is my budget?
  4. What are the types of projects I want to make?

If you can answer the questions, you have a good chance to get the correct materials and tools. Beading can be quite an expensive hobby, so do know what you want first.

For example, if you are interested in wire beading, you might get the following basic tools:

  • Flat plier
  • Round nose plier
  • Cutter
  • Bead Mats
  • Bead Board

You may get some beads and findings too and it is according to your preference and choice.

If you are clueless to what you like, you could look around for beading kits for beginners in shops. Then buy one and try it. If you like that particular types of beading, you could then invest in more materials and tools.

In this way, you get to enjoy your hobby and at the same time, work within your budget.

Basic Materials

1. Get your raw materials.


2. Tools 



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