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Angel Swarovski Beads Handphone Accessory


Angel Swarovksi Beads Handphone Accessory



Materials needed:

3 Swarovski #5301 Bicone Beads - 3mm

1 Swarovski Roundels

2 Swarovski 10mm #6202 Heart Beads

1 Swarovski #5400 Cone Bead

1 Swarovski 6mm #5000 Round Bead

1 T pin

1 Normal Crystal Bead with 4 hole - one on each side

1 Handphone strap

Nylon thread / fishing line


  1. Cut approximate 10 cm of nylon thread. String through the normal crystal bead.
  2. On each side, string one piece of #6202 Swarovski Heart Bead followed by one piece of #5301 3mm Swarovksi bicone bead. Tie both ends of the nylon thread together tightly. Do a double knot and cut off the excess.
  3. String the #5400 Swarovski cone bead through the T pin.
  4. Place the finished product in Step 2 next.
  5. String one piece of 3mm #5301 Swarovski bicone bead.
  6. String the 8mm #5000 Swarovski Round bead. Do a loop and attach to the jump ring of the handphone strap.



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