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You have come a long way in your beading journey and have attained success. You know the tricks and tips in beading. Why not share them?

With Internet as a major medium for information, you could share the experience, both happy and sad ones, to fellow beaders. This is my main purpose in doing up the web site. I remembered that I had encountered numerous difficulties when I started out beading.

I searched high and low for information on wire beading, checked out the types of beading classes and lessons, and most important, the SOURCING of the materials and findings.

I do realize that sometimes it would be easily if there is a site who shares valuable information. It cuts the search time tremendously. It also enhances the credibility as it is a trial and tested formula.

So how to come up with such sites? It is relatively easy and well you do not have to spend tons of time on it. Do do this at your own pace!

  • First, you would need to select a domain name.

What does this mean? It is a unique address which identify you. There are many good web providers offering domains at affordable prices. Sometimes you might even find a bargain! The domain might be tag on to hosting plan, which means the domain name is free!

  • Choose a reliable web hosting partner.

It is important to choose a reliable web hosting provider. There are so many providers out there, so which one should you pick? One thing to note is to check on the reputation of the web hosting provider.

Some personal recommendations would be iPower Website Hosting , Blue Host , or  HostMonster.Of course there are plenty of others out there. 

You certainly do not want to get one unreliable one and end up losing precious pages of work when the hosting company go missing! I do understand the anguish and frustration as that happened to me before. Though I do backups occasionally, it is still frustrating to upload all the pages again to a new provider account.

The ease of web hosting is another important consideration. Find one provider that provides easy updates and powerful tools.

Once you get the web hosting up and domain name ready, you can start posting and sharing your thoughts and deepest feelings on beading!



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