Beads Basic - Introduction to Beading


Basic Beading Techniques

What are the basic beading techniques to learn before embarking on the more difficult projects?

Depending on your interest in the area of beading, you might want to pick up some basics in wire beading or peyote beading. There are many types of beading techniques and the types of beads for you to explore.

As the saying goes, a strong foundation is vital. Thus do spend some time to master and perfect your basics and you will find it simpler in your beading journey as you go along.

The list goes on. Do check out for updates.

Wire Beading Techniques:

Beading / Weaving Techniques:

You might be able to find some beading for beginners lessons. These classes are useful and you can consider signing up for them. It helps you to larn faster as there will be an experienced beader (teacher) to guide you along.