Beads Basic - Introduction to Beading



Getting your beading essentials

Check out here for your beading tools and supplies!

Glass Beads

There are many brands, colors, size and style to choose from!

 Mill Hill Glass Seed Beads - Many ColorsGlass Seed Beads 

  Glass Rochaille Beads 10/0 3oz - Crystal IrisGlass Rochaille Beads 

Cousin Bracelet Blends Bicone Bead Packs - Many Colors Glass Bicone Beads

For beginners


Cousin Beyond Beautiful Bead Kits W/Bead Board-Many Colors Beading Kit

  Nylon Beading Cord Nylon Beading Thread

Beading Scoops Beading Scoop for seed beads

 Bead Board


Clover Beading Needle Beading Needles



Lighting is very important as you might sometimes find difficulty in differentiating the colors of the beads or you might need the extra light to see the tiny holes in the beads. Having a magnifier attached would help to make your beading tasks simpler as you can see clearly on where you are going and thus avoiding eye strains.

OTT-LITE® TrueColor(TM) Plus Value Set - Includes Magnifier OTT Lite TrueColor Plus Value Set - With magnifier







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