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There are many beading designs you can do for a project. You can choose from a wide range of materials and findings to make the unique piece.


The simple ones involving beads, could be earrings. I like to do them as they are relatively easier to do.

Normally beads earrings are done using T-pins and eye-pins. Wire art beading are more commonly seen here.

Below are some simple designs which you may consider doing. These are my own creations and which are simple and classic and relatively easy to make.

You could also make beautiful bracelets.

You can also refer to the Internet on some of the beading ideas such as Free jewelry-making ideas each week at the Learning Center at



Necklaces can be complex or simple, depending on the type of techniques used. You can weave a necklace or use wire art or use beading wire to do up the spectacular necklace.



Ever thought of making nice watches? Look here to get some ideas!


Create the design onto your bag!


Create your own ring designs!

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Here are some off the shelf projects which you can buy!

Perler Fun Mix Party Pack 21 Projects-3000 Beads+ 6 Pegboards


Want to make your own jewelry, check out resources such as Beading Secrets, Beading Guide. The Complete Bead Guide, The Complete Bead Lover's Guide


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