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Beading Wire / Threads


#30 Nylon Beading Cord-Black (Great for wire beading)

Nylon Beading Cords are made of fine wire with a smooth, kink resistant nylon coating. These wires are softer and stronger and more flexible than tiger tail wie making

Nymo Beading Thread 9 yds Black

Beading Wire Silver 28 Gauge 50 Yds (Ideal for different crafts of any type)

High quality beading wires in a variety of gauges. Strong and durable wire.

Copper Wire 24 Gauge 10yd-Natural Silver

The brilliant color stays on even when the copper is bent and curled into all sorts of shapes

Wire Bracelet Coil .25oz (7.1g)/Pkg-Harvest Gold

Remembrance is thin, tempered stainless steel wire that is corrosion resistant and will resist tarnishing. Like a spring, it is rigid and snaps back to its original form when expanded and released

Stringing Wire 49 Strand .018''(.46mm)D 10ft

Nylon coated plated stainless steel

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