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This is a compilation of some great stuff for beading which I have surfed over the internet which you could refer to. Be it for information on crystal healing, or turning this great hobby into business!

This page will always be updated!. Do check out regularly!


Want to know what beads, crystals or gemstones can help to carve out the perfect destiny you wish for?

Why are some people lucky in both their life and romance? Sick and tired of the way things seems now? You could take charge of your destiny and try to make things better for yourself. Check astrology and see what are your lucky stars and what can help to change your luck?

You might be doing beading but you could create something which you benefit or benefit others. Knowing what crystals and gemstones can do .

Crystal healing - Knowing and harnessing the power of crystals!

We all heard of crystal healing. But how do you go about doing it? Crystal Healing can help you to cure some ailments or to destress youself. Some people use crystals to ward off bad luck and improve their life!

No one will be in 'bad' luck or down all their life. The difference is whether you decide to walk out of it? having some lucky charms do aide as they can help to ward off evil and bad luck.

So choose what you want and rediscover yourself!

Turn Your Hobby into Money!!

You have mastered the art of beading and is making tons of it daily. Your friends asked you to help to make beautiful jewelry pieces for them. You find yourself overwhelmed with orders and you wish to know how to convert this hobby of yours to money and earn a PROFIT!

There are many ways to do business but having a good way would help to make things a lot smoother!. Check out Hobby For Profit, a good guide which can help you fufill your dreams.

Some testimonials from successful people!

Went From Drinking Coffee To Selling It"

"Dude, I went from drinking coffee to selling coffee.  Man this is great.  But your ideas worked too good.  We got so many orders we had to temporarily shut the site down to catch up.  But I guess that's not a bad problem to have!" - Kevin Fuller

You may have doubts and skeptism but if you never try, you would never know if you can succeed!!!

Remember you can turn your hobbies into a Big Business, just like many others did!!


Knowing the types of Metals in Findings & Beads

Learn about the common types of metals used and what are the composition and areas to look out for. Important consideration in your beading project!

Build a page to share your beading experience!

Want to share your beading experiences? Build web pages to share!

Bead healthily

Avoid aching shoulders - Learn some small steps to ensure that you are on the right track to bead healthily!

Care for your eyes - Avoid eye strains!

Choose the right tools - To prevent hand injuries!


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