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There are many good beading magazines or books in the market today which comes with comprehensive, fully illustrated instructions to guide you through the beading projects.


If you are a beginner, you would find these magazines useful as they showcase basic beading techniques and tips. You would find it easier to understand and learn the techniques rather than reading. The fully illustrated diagrams help to guide you step by step to doing the beading projects. As you mature in the beading journey, you would find it easier and quicker to design your own piece of beautiful jewelry.


As a professional, you would have no qualms in being a master of the basics of beading. However reading a few good magazines can help to provide new insights. The tips and tricks shared in the magazines could means saving you a lot of time, in trying out certain methods to achieve the same effect. Alternatively, these magazines also feature road shows or fairs whereby the world's or the region's best beaders gather to share their experiences.


The beading magazines not only feature beading projects and instructions, they also do provide information on the latest or upcoming trends in the beading arena. Sometimes, they also write on the health aspects of beading. Though beading is not considered an unhealthy hobby or job, being in the same position for prolonged hours could means musculoskeletal problems.


Here are some recommendations:



 Two-Hour Beaded Projects

 Two-Hour Beaded Projects

Over 200 beaded designs for jewelry, hair, fabric and decor are included in this book. Lern to make charm bottles, vases, gloves, velvet rose ribbon barrettes, lucky elephant necklaces and much more. Create these and hundreds more beautiful projects in 2 hours or less







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