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Beading Lessons / Courses

Whether you are new to beading or is already an expert, occasionally you would need to attend some courses on beading and jewelry making to refresh your techniques and skills.

If you are a newbie, you might look for some starter or beginner beading lesson / course. There are so many available vendors who offer quick start beading course at reasonable prices. As a start, you could check out the local art & craft stores on whether they offer beading courses.

The lessons are usually short. However it would be recommended to go for courses who have a smaller group so that you can ask the instructor questions.

If you are on a tight budget, you could try the Internet! There are a lot of free resources which you can learn beading at your own pace. There are also a number of free beading projects and jewelry making projects for beginners.


However do note that you are learning at your own pace and sometimes, you may get stuck at certain techniques. This will be a test of your patience and so do not get frustrated!

For professionals, you may be interested to get to learn advanced techniques in beading and perhaps the use of higher valued materials or beads to create stunning jewelry pieces.


Some tips in checking out the suitability of the lesson / course:

  • Look at the level of difficulty - beginner, intermediate or advance?
  • What is the course outline?
  • What is the objective of the course?
  • How big is the group size? The smaller the better.
  • Is it a hands on class?
  • Are the tools and materials provided?



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