Beads Basic - Introduction to Beading



Beading Findings / Peripherals

There are many beading tools available in the market for use. Besides the usual flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, cutter, bead board and bead mats, there are other tools and materials which you will come across in your beading journey.


Some common findings used are shown below:



T pins / Head Pins

T pins / head pins
Used for jewelry making such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces




Eye pin



Eye pins

Used for jewelry making such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces


lobster hook




Lobster hooks

Used as connectors in bracelets and necklaces






Used as a finishing or at the start of a necklace or bracelet project. Especially in wire or nylon whereby you cannot tie the ends together





To be used as fasteners to nylon or wire


earring hook


Earring Hooks

These hooks come in a variety of designs and thickness. Some have springs, such as the one shown above, whereas some are simpler and some are double thick at the rounded portion


jump rings


Jump rings

These jump rings come in various sizes with some as small as 3mm up to big ones. You could also custom made them using the jump ring tools.

Tip: Sometimes when your t-pin or eye pin  is too long, you could cut off the excess and use the jump ring tool to make jump rings. This way, you can save on some money and make greater use of your materials.

You can also make your own jump rings by going round a round many times and cutting through the centre. You can then create jump rings or your own sizes


fishing line nylon line



Fishing Line / Nylon Line (varying thickness)

Fish Lines / Nylon Lines come in varying thickness and flexibility. Thus it is important that you are able to pick the right one that best suits the jewelry piece that you are making. Too thick or thin a line would affect the quality of the piece made


beading wire


Beading Wire

These wires comes in a variety of thickness and colours. Some are more malleable and flexible whereas some are harder and are used in make jewelry pieces such as chokers

There might be some special tools that you might need in your beading projects.


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