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Beads Watch Projects

Want to have a glittering bling bling time piece? Try making it using Swarovski crystal beads and you could get the same bling bling effect!

Project A - Watch

beaded swarovski watch


Materials needed:

Lots of swarovski 5 mm bicone beads

4mm bicone beads

Fishing line

Horizontal Finding

Watch face & connector


  1. Depending on your wrist length, cut approximate 2 times of fishing wire. 
  2. String the fishing line into the holes on the watch face, then put 2 beads into each side of the fishing line. Then put the hotrizaontal finding in. Put the 5mm beads into  each side of the finding. Repeat this until your desired length is reach. Then string 4mm bicone beads into each side and through the hole of the connectors. Tie 3 dead knots.
  3. Slot the remaining fishing line back intot the beads to the watch face. Tie 3 knots and sting the fishing line back.
  4. Repeat this for the other side.


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