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Choosing the right colors combinations for beading projects

It is important to choose the right color combinations when you are doing your bead projects. Color combination is an art. How can you make your bead projects pleasing to the eyes?

If you are intending to carve a business out of beading, you might want to do some research on the types of colors that your consumer market likes. What are the trends in the market? What are the seasonal colors and evergreen colors?

Colors can affect an individual's mood or be an attraction. Selecting the right colors for your consumer market is important. Even if you are creating the bead project for yourself, you would realize that your preferences are very much different from your friends. The question is, why do some colors attract while others don't?

Many advertisers understand this concept and use colors that are favorable to them. For e.g. McDonalds uses bright red and yellow to attract and bring about hunger. If you want to have the feeling of healing, you might want to choose green. Why? Green is the symbolization of nature and trees are green? It beings about a subtle sense of peace.

Color therapy is one of the ways people use as a healing tool. Colors make people happy and brighten the environment. Colors bring about seriousness. For e.g. you do not see colorful colors in a courthouse. 

Color can show your personality and reflect your true character. If you take the famous Lusher's Color Test, you might be able to know more about yourself and your true inner self.

So how does this apply to beading? There are so many different kind and types of beads. Besides selecting the choice of beads, making sure that the color combination of those beads blend together to create a magnificent and glamorous jewelry piece is important.

As we know, white and black are colors which match with almost any other colors. So in your bead projects, you can consider using these two colors to match the rest of the colors. If you do not have an idea of what colors you should use, read the food or gourmet magazines. Why do I say so? If you look at these magazines, the food that are portrayed in these magazines always create the attraction to entice you to eat and buy the food. The color combination in the photograph creates a lasting memory in the consumer's mind to create a want.

Alternatively you can look at interior design magazines, the color combinations are effectively and cleverly used to create a soothing or cozy environment. Depending on your style and preference, you could mix and match the colors to create your masterpiece. However do note that the overuse of colors might be a disaster as it confuses the mind. Try to stick to a maximum of three colors for each bead projects. Try to blend the stronger colors with neutral or lighter colors to create contrast.

If you take special attention to the colors you use for your beaded jewelry, you would find it more rewarding and fun.



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