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Bead Mats - Alternative to Bead board & Bead tray

Bead Mats, I would call the best thing I have ever acquired! I'm not sure if you have the same problem with me. I do not use bead board and sometime I have difficulty when my findings and beads go rolling about.

bead mats

It is particularly frustrating if they drop from the table. Some beads, being round, are able to roll all over the place and I have difficulty just to find them. Others, such as Swarovksi bicones, are so small that I might have missed a few pieces lying at the corner of the room.

I think having a bead mat, in substitution to a bead tray or bead board, is economical. They can be used both sides and the best part is that they are WRINKLE FREE can be WASHED!!.

It is relatively easier to bring them around as you can fold them neatly and put into the tool bag or beading case. I like it as it stopped my round Swarovski Pearls from rolling about on my table!!!

It is still based on your preference on what type of tools you like to do your projects on. Some like to use bead board while some like to use bead tray.

This is a tip I like to share for now!! Happy Beading!!!


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