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Swarovski Bag Projects


This project makes use of Swarovski iron on - Xilion Rose which come is sizes such as SS12, SS16, SS20. The bigger the number, the smaller the size. It comes in a variety of colors.

It is recommended that a dark fabric is used for light color Xilion Rose.

Butterfly Design Beads Bag


butterfly swarovski bag


Materials needed:

Lots of swarovski iron on beads - Xiliion Rose

Plain bag


  1. Using a fabric marker, draw your design onto the bag.
  2. Place the iron on beads on the bag, using a cloth and hot iron, place the cloth onto the design and press for a few minutes.
  3. Release and repeat till the design is complete.

You can also do this on other types of fabrics bags to achieve your desired look.


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