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Beading Healthily - Avoid aching shoulders & musculoskeletal problems


Have you ever felt aching shoulders and stiff necks after long periods of beading? If so, read on! You might be on the verge to damaging your musculoskeletal system.


Though beading is not considered to be of any form of unhealthy activity, it might cause some discomfort as you are in prolonged periods of unnatural positions. This might cause damage to the musculoskeletal system over time.


As per any other activities, holding a awkward position in a long period of time would cause stress on the human body.


So what can you do to minimise this?


You could do some simple stretching exercise every 30 minutes of your beading work.


  • Shoulder stretch (To loosen your shoulder muscle)


Holding your right side of your head with your left hand and putting your right hand under your posterior, gently tilt your head towards the right for about 20 seconds, before releasing. Do this for a few times and repeat on the other side of the head.


  • Shoulder blade squeeze


Sit upright and hold you head and back still, squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold. Do this for a couple of times.


  • Backward Bend


With your hands at your waist, look up and arch your back and hold. You can do this standing instead of sitting.


  • Head rotation

Rotate your head in a clockwise manner for 5 times, followed by anticlockwise for another 5 times.


  • Shoulder rotation

Rotate your shoulders in a clockwise manner for 5 times, followed by anticlockwise for another 5 times.


  • Thumb stretch


Place your hands sideway and pull your thumb backwards for 20 seconds. Release and repeat for the other hand.


Maintaining a good posture is important during beading since you might be spending hours. Try some of the following to maintain good posture and minimize strain on your musculoskeletal system.

  • Ergonomic chair so that your posture is correct
  • Posture Brace to prevent yourself from hunching
  • Use a wrist brace to maintain a neutral position

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